Researchers In Plague [RIP]

A Guild of Necros

We play necromancer.

Blood Is Power

Researchers in Plague is a PvE guild made of people who like to play necromancer. We only run necromancers and common support builds in our endgame PvE.


Requirements to Join

Acceptable Builds

This is a guild of necro mains, so it only makes sense that we stack as many necros as possible without sacrificing DPS. To enforce this, we have a list of acceptable builds that are alright to play in our endgame content. Endgame content is defined as any dungeon, raid, or fractal. You can bring whatever you want to guild missions and open world shenanigans, but necro would be cool.

necro Any non-troll necromancer build. We take power necros!

chrono A chronomancer primarily built to share quickness and alacrity.

druid A druid build primarily focused on healing and pumping boons to boost DPS. Off healers are okay too, but I will eternally shame you for playing literally anything but heal scourge up here.

warrior A warrior build that brings both Banner of Strength and Banner of Discipline. Please run Empower Allies if you have two or more power necros.

Acceptable Non-Necro DPS Builds

mirage If the guild is fighting Matthias, it is okay to run one mirage for reflects.

engi DPS engineers may be run in tandem with condi necros to boost DPS with Pinpoint Distribution.

If you happen to not be playing necro at the moment, please respect this rule by only playing a build that will significantly assist a necromancer in PvE.


We are currently working on forming a raid static. In order to be considered, you must meet the following non-negotiable requirements.

Submit your kill proof by using $kp in our Discord server. You may also include logs if you wish.

Players that aren't experienced in everything are more than welcome to join in for what you know, but you won't be considered for a static spot until you've cleared everything.

Sounds good?

If this guild interests you, please join our Discord server.